Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Years!

         So, I wanted to start a new blog for my nail obsession! Over the last year, I've gotten more into nails, nail care, nail art - etc. I was never much good at painting my nails until I just sat down and made myself take my time. Now that I'm good at just painting them I want to learn how to do different nail art designs, from simply polka dots to a full on scene on each nail. One of my biggest obstacles is teaching my left hand to write/draw/paint (designs). I have a few other things to work - not picking off polish when it begins chipping and filing my nails in one direction. Besides tracking my progress, I also want to be able to keep up with nail related blogs I enjoy.

          I'll probably also blog about everyday life. I use to blog somewhat regularly on Xanga, but I don't know what happened there. I guess you have to buy a membership now? Xanga was my favorite blogging site. It was very easy to post and interact with others. I tried Blogger before, as well as LiveJournal, WordPress, and a few others that escape me at the moment. Anyway, so I'm back on Blogger. I doubt this blog with get big, but I do hope to find others to talk polish with :)

God bless,

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