Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nail collection *In progress*

      Growing up, I had tons of nail polishes. For some reason, I slowly grew out of painting my nails and tossed my polishes. Of course, by now they would've been used up, dried up, but still - thinking back, I wish I would have really dedicated myself to learning about nail care, painting, techniques. Well, better late than never, right?
      So, now I'm on a quest to build my nail polish collection, teach myself how to paint my nails like a pro and all about nail care. Here are a few pics of my current nail arsenal:

I am not too crazy about my current set up, but for now it works. The first picture is an overall view, the next shows my China Glaze crackle polishes and right behind those are various nail tools and stickers. The third picture is just a front shot - most of my polishes are Sally Hansen, especially the Xtreme Wear. Those are my favorites! The last picture is just removers, cuticle cream, nail hardener, top coat, couple strippers and in the bag are various nail things - sponges, qtips, straws, tape, etc.

It's in progress, but here's where I currently am! 

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